Lynette Prosser

Property Manager & Real Estate Agent


Lynette Prosser grew up learning how to manage and purchase rental properties from her parents. Her family had about 10 rental properties to augment her father’s school teacher’s salary, and she and her siblings earned money by painting and doing odd jobs at the properties. She learned early on the value of an honest, hard day’s work and translated that into the purchase of her own investment properties. Soon she was learning manage construction on the job when she renovated each property. Others began to take notice and asked her to watch over their properties when moving out of state. Sixteen years and hundreds of rental properties later, Lynette is a sheer force of nature when it comes to Property Management. She truly treats every property as if it were her own.

Additionally, Lynette has completed multiple large-scale renovations of turn-of-the century historic houses. This has turned into her specialty and she prides herself on being able to bring out the original charm of a home that usually lies beneath multiple layers of grit and grime. Her vast knowledge of construction has only added to her ability to understand how houses work and what makes them tick. This is a great benefit to both her buyers and sellers as she can set expectations early on as to what might need to be done and how much it will cost to do the work. At the end of the day, Lynette’s drive, passion, well rounded experience and expertise sets her apart. Whether selecting a Property Manager or a Real Estate professional, you’ll be sure to get the very best of service guaranteed!