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Single Applicant

Thank you for your payment. We will need a little bit of information about you to get you started. Please fill out the form below to apply for a rental unit with Queen City Property Management. All information you give us is kept strictly confidential. We will never share or sell your information.

If you’d rather complete this application offline, please print out a PDF version of the application and email it to:




Do you have any other sources of income


Do you have pets?
How many pets do you have?


Have you ever been evicted?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?


I (the Applicant) DO AGREE, BY CLICKING YES on this Rental Application Form, to all the following terms offered by Queen City Property Management. I, here known as Applicant, do declare that all statements made in this application are true and complete. By clicking yes on this form, I agree it is a reasonable facsimile of my signature holding all rights and privileges thereof. I hereby authorize Queen City Property Management to verify all the information in this application and obtain credit reports and/or criminal history now or in the future for the purpose of debt collections. Applicant hereby releases owner/manager, his/her employees and/or agents, and any other firms or persons investigating or supplying information, from any liability whatsoever concerning the releaser and or use of this information and further will defend and hold harmless from any suit or reprisal whatsoever. All holders public and private, of any such information are hereby authorized to release, without reservation or limitation, any and all such information they have concerning Applicant and in so doing, will be acting on Applicant’s behalf at Applicant’s request and will be held blameless and without liability whatsoever. A copy, fax, E-mail, or other reproduction of this Authorization shall be as effective as the original. The Applicant shall give Queen City Property Management a non-refundable application fee in the amount of $50 fee for a single applicant or $100 for joint applicants for the processing of the application. To all these terms, I do so hereby agree:

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