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“Lynette facilitated the purchase of my first home. She made the process incredibly easy. I was nervous because I knew nothing of buying a home, but Lynette’s expertise made me feel instantly at ease. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner, suggested things that I’d never considered and put her many years of experience in real estate to work for me, enabling me to get my first home in the midst of a very hot Denver market. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

Tony C., Cimmarron KS


“Such a nice, welcoming, friendly company!!! I was looking for a property to rent and even though owner Lynette had no available properties, she was very helpful and informative on pointing me in the right direction to finding my dream property. If you have the opportunity to rent a property from Queen City Property Management I would definitely do so!”

Lauren P., Danville IL


“Lynette did an excellent job handling a difficult tenant situation when she took over for another Property Management company. She coordinated and had all the repairs/updates completed in a timely manner. Then she was able to find an excellent tenant to move in. She takes care of small details and is always one step ahead of the situation. I highly recommend her and believe me, I have done business with a few other management companies. There is no comparison.”

Cindy T., Denver CO


“Lynette and her team are amazing property managers. We live out of town and after spending 15 years struggling to find an organized trustworthy management company, we found Queen City.... that was in 2015.... Lynette is available at any time to answer questions or address any problems. She has overseen huge maintenance projects with her sense of humour still intact, and always keeping us posted as to the progress of the project.... She is also fantastic at finding GOOD tenants... as an owner, that is worth a lot....”

Kristen H.


“We are first time landlords and Queen City guided us through the process without any issues. They were patient and responsive. We appreciated the great vendor leads as we prepared our older home for renting. Once ready they took charge of the advertising and showings. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly highly qualified renters were setup to move in.”

Michael M.


“Like I suspect many prospective landlords I was drawn to Queen City due to their stellar reviews. Having now gone through the process with Lynette and Katherine, all I can say is that they have delivered - and then some. From the frank but practical advice on pre-rental improvements to the superior market intelligence (both in terms of pricing and marketing), their partnership has been accretive and a value-add. It has also been reassuring to deal with the business principals directly. And, bottom line, they were able to rent my property almost immediately! Thanks again Queen City!”

Jivaji M.

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“I've been with Lynette and Katherine at Queen City for about a year now, and have been extremely pleased with their work and our relationship. The relationship part is key. I went with Queen City because when I was looking for a rental manager, Lynette really came across as someone who would care about the long-term value of my property, someone who really knows the housing landscape in Denver, and someone who would be attentive and on top of issues as they arise. That all turned out to be true. Lynette and Katherine stay in good contact with me, as evidenced by us being able to work through two tricky situations (new trees and a sewer line) with no problems, all while I live overseas.”


“Fantastic company to lease through as a tenant. The lease process was clear, seamless and organized. Quick resolution on any facilities issues and overall just lovely people to work with. Cannot recommend enough as a tenant.”

Robin B.


“I am a current tenant of Queen City Property Management. Katherine and Lynette are a dynamic duo. Most importantly for me: they are super responsive and quick to resolve any issues that arise. I'm talking responses and resolutions in <24hrs and sometimes faster (sorry for setting the high expectations now! :) ). What else can you ask for in a property management company? I'm happy to be renting from them and I would definitely recommend Queen City to future tenants.”

Josh R.

Rob H.


“My fiancé and I rent one of Katherine and Lynette’s properties in Denver. They are great landlords - super responsive, fair, willing to fix things, and reliable - which is not always the case with landlords. I would definitely recommend this property management company to other renters and/or owners..”

Reagan B.


“This was the first time we have rented out a property before, and we went with Queen City Property Management. From the beginning Lynette and Katherine have been very helpful and responsive with our questions (and we had a lot of them!) Lynette understands the house is special to us for when we move back, and has provided good recommendations in getting the house prepped for tenants, and good timely responses to when things come up. We have moved away where we are relying solely on Lynette and Katherine, and what I thought was going to be stressful, has so far been much less stressful than expected. Thanks to Queen City for the regular help, and look forward to continuing working with them!.”


“Katherine is amazing to work with! Professional, efficient, and cost-effective. I couldn't be happier with my experience with her and Queen City Property Management.”

Matthew B.

Bob H.

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